(Buddha Siddhartha Guatama)

“When the student is ready the teacher will appear”

My name is Ed (Edward) Niembro and I am Ed Yoga Fontainebleau.

I am from Sydney, Australia and have lived in the UK, Canada, Israel, Peru, Spain and France. I now reside in Fontainebleau with my family where I enjoy hiking through the forest, photography, climbing, and studying urban planning and architecture around this region of France.

I worked for over 15 years in the construction and development industry as an urban planner and Principal environmental and social impact specialist across Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia on large, international infrastructure projects. I understand how the accumulation of mental stress from your profession can have on your mental health and general wellbeing.

I have seven years of targeted experience of bringing yoga & meditation into a corporate environment, I now closely work with staff in business organisations on integrating yoga and meditation practice into their workplace. This has allowed staff to identify and address poor workplace habits that could otherwise had led to poor mental health, depression and poor quality of life.

I have been a certified yoga teacher since 2011 obtaining my certification to teach from the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in Sydney Australia. I have been practising yoga extensively since 2000 and I ran my own yoga practice in Sydney before moving to France.

I am certified meditation teacher from the University Holistic Theology, University Florida, USA. This is underpinned by 20 years of mindfulness and insight (vipassana) meditation practice, attending long term retreats in Sri Lanka, India, Nepal, UK and Australia.

Therefore, these classes and workshops seamlessly combine my experience of insight (vipassana) meditation with my detailed exposure to the various styles of yoga including jivamukti and iyengar within the framework of hatha yoga.

Students work with the breath and bodily sensations during the yoga class to develop their concentration and mindfulness respectively. The overall aim of the yoga class is to be a flowing meditation experience. This ensures the experience is not just contained within the four walls of the studio after each session. Students will experience a deep sense of relaxation while feeling aligned, stretched and whole. Music also plays an important role in the classes from my harmonium (a traditional instrument) to progressive world music.

I currently run meditation and yoga courses in Fontainebleau for community groups, schools and business organisations. These courses have also been held in the forest of Fontainebleau for students wanting to further deepen their meditation practice with other techniques, including walking meditation and loving kindness (metta) meditation.


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