Centre de Meditation & Yoga Fontainebleau

A new and dedicated meditation and yoga studio has opened in January 2018 in the town of Fontainebleau. The studio is aptly named:

Centre de Meditation & Yoga Fontainebleau

This is the first centre of its kind in Fontainebleau and will be accessible to all students in both English and French!

Planting the seed for 'le centre'


Teachers and spiritual practices have been loosely scattered around Fontainebleau and its surrounding towns for many years. Unfortunately, a lack of a dedicated space for teachers has hindered the collective effectiveness and efficacy of our work. A dedicated space where students can immediately connect and continue to nurture their personal journey was needed and sorely missing here.

Ed Niembro, from Ed Yoga Fontainebleau, has dedicated a lot of time to finding a suitable space and trying to connect with like-minded teachers who would consider using the space to fill this need. Due to fortunate circumstances, a new space had arrived mid-2017 and the rest is history.


The philosophy of the centre prides itself on:

  • quality over quantity
  • environmental & social sustainability

Quality teaching space

Recent yoga training studies show that effective teacher guidance for less experienced students (in general level classes) start to decrease as class sizes exceed 15 students or more. Therefore, the number of students in each class will be limited to ensure a greater attention to the needs of students by teachers.

The centre consists of a waiting area and two rooms:

  • main room – larger space for classes and workshops
  • quiet room – smaller space for one-to-one meditative practice

The centre will also have some unique features to help maximise communication between students and teachers and become an outreach centre for wider community activities.

Sustainability – “walking the talk”

The need to be more aware of our daily choices in what we produce, consume, reuse and discard is paramount to the survival of all species. It is also core to the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation.

Ed Niembro, a sustainability specialist, is a strong believer in Bioregional’s One Planet Principles of sustainability. The centre’s reconstruction, maintenance and longevity has adopted (where feasibly possible) these sustainability principles to minimise its carbon and ecological footprint.

Main sustainability attributes

Restoring cultural heritage

The building is on the edge of the historical town centre of Fontainebleau. It dates back to at least the 19th century. So the studio has tried to carefully restore many original, heritage features found in the existing rooms that are typical for this type of building and period in Fontainebleau.

Materials & products

Existing building materials and equipment from the previous cabinet dentaire have been recycled or reused (where possible) in the new centre to minimise wastage. Wastage materials sent to the decheterie were carefully sorted before disposal.

New materials (e.g. floor boards, lighting and paints) have been sourced from sustainable practices with toxic chemicals. All new products into the maintenance of the centre will promote products that help reduce consumption and achieve zero waste.

Sustainable consumption – water & carbon reduction

The centre reduced water points and installed water saving devices to control unnecessary water consumption.

The centre will aim to source supplies of energy from renewable sources.

Equity & accessibility

The philosophy of the centre is to encourage active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and wellbeing. The centre will carry out modifications to the internal layout and external point of entry to enable accessible for people with disabilities including people in wheelchairs to participate meaningfully in all activities.

Travel & transport

The new centre is on the edge of Fontainebleau town centre with excellent access to existing bike and bus routes. The centre is 30 metres from existing bus stop on main bus route (No.1) from town centre to la gare.

If you do need to use your car, there is sufficient parking (metered) approximately 100 metres from the centre (along rue Aristide Briand – direction la gare).

Culture & community

The centre will be about respecting local identity and heritage, empowering our community and promoting a culture of sustainable living through the activities envisaged to be held at the centre.

The end product?

A centre that is inviting and that creates a warmth and ambience that welcomes all users for many years to come.

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