General information

If you are coming for the first time to your yoga class in Fontainebleau, please read and complete the Contact and Student Health Form and notify teacher in advance.

Blankets and necessary props are provided when required. However, if you do not have a yoga mat, please inform the teacher.

Another vision of Ed Yoga Fontainebleau is to have meditation & yoga affordable and available in various formats and times.

We offer various pricing options and payment methods for meditation & yoga in Fontainebleau, including a casual rate, a 4-class and a 8-class pass.

A reduced rate of 15% is offered to students, people working part-time (including au pairs) or those looking for work


Private Classes
Single Yoga Class (private)
60 min private lesson
General Classes
Single Class
Private Classes
4 Private Class Pass
2 month expiry
General Classes
8 Class Pass
4 month expiry

15% discount available for students and non-full time workers

Coming soon

Yoga & mindfulness for teenagers

Teenagers & mindfulness
This is a dedicated programme for teenagers, through breathing and yoga, about learning and how to use and appropriately apply new techniques to manage with stress, confidence and self-esteem. Programme will start after Easter 2018.

For more information please email ed on:


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Private yoga classes

Private yoga classes are the ideal way to learn yoga whether you are new to the practice or not. This one-on-one experience is tailored specifically to your goals and needs. It is a unique opportunity to hone your yoga skills with a focus on whaat works best for you while building body awareness and understanding how best to develop a lifelong practice that meets where you are today and where you want to be. Students find private yoga classes are an excellent way to:

Work on personal goals (for example strength, flexibility, or balance)

Have a personalised schedule

Address health concerns (including injury or illness)

Deepen their pratice

We offer fixed packages for individual students which combines private yoga classes with public classes for new or experienced students or you can book private classes only. Finally, we offer private yoga classes for goups.

It is easy to get started – you can either request an appointment directly, email us at or call us on 07 50 82 04 79.

All private yoga classes are assumed to be held in Fontainebleau. A small charge will be added for classes outside of Fontainebleau.

Dream. Plan. DO! Try our classes!