What is your previous experience with yoga:
None – I am new to yogaOccasional – at least once a monthFrequent – at least once per weekReturning – stopped and am restarting
Medical information :
Arthritis *Diabetes - hyper or hypo tensionGlaucoma - or any other eye conditionNeck or back pain *Knee or joint pain *Heart disease or chest painHeadaches or migrainesEpilepsyNo health issues
By ticking this box and submitting this form I agree to the following :

I have sought qualified professional advice on my ability to participate in the classes. I have advised the teacher or injuries or relevant conditions on this form. Should I have new conditions or injuries, I mut advise the teachet. I commit to listen to my body's cues, working at a place that is comfortable for me and to pause when I feel I need them. It is important that I fully take responsibility for myself during the classes.

All information is strictly confidential and will only be viewed by the teacher.