The aim of this mindfulness meditation group sit is to strengthen your personal practice of meditation by meeting up with fellow meditators in the area on a ‘regular’ basis. The venue will be an educational venue in Fontainebleau. Sessions are free of charge for teaching but gold coin donation (2 euros) is requested for room hire only.

The structure of the group sit will consist of:

  • opening (10 mins) – a guided mindfulness meditation to ‘settle in’
  • middle (40 mins) – the meditator can follow his/her personal silent practice – no guided meditation for this part
  • closure (10 mins) – the group sit will close with a guided loving-kindness meditation.

The group sit is open to those who have had some basic meditation experience or those willing to practice mindfulness and loving-kindness meditations. The group sit is coordinated by a group of experienced meditators living in Fontainebleau region who bring many years’ experience in practicing and teaching meditation.

Duration of mindfulness meditation group sit – 60 min (classes are gold coin donation)