4 private meditation training sessions

This pass entitles you to 4 x 60-minute private mindfulness meditation sessions (or 2 x 60-minutes private meditation session with you and your partner).

These sessions invite you to be honest with what you know about mindfulness and what you want to achieve with mindfulness. However, these sessions are tailored to your particular needs (whether new or experienced to mindfulness meditation) and specific guidance and instructions are employed when appropriate.

The four sessions allow you to build momentum from each preceding session and to experiment with specific tools when required. They are designed to open doors to the ‘middle path’ and provide opportunities for cultivating a steady meditation practice. Think of them as stepping stones to eventually sitting a residential meditation retreat and as ongoing support for developing a sustainable mindfulness practice.

To protect the identity of the student, these sessions are confidential.

All sessions are assumed to be held in Fontainebleau. A small charge (5 euros) will be added for sessions  outside of Fontainebleau.