Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Course – Level 1 (March/April Session)

Next session starting: Tuesday 27 March 2017 for (4 weeks)

This introduction to mindfulness meditation course (Level 1) will provide you with the necessary tools you need to start and maintain an essential daily mindfulness practice both at home and at work.

The course has been divided into 4 parts, each part leading from the previous session, across 4 consecutive weeks. The cost of each session is 20 euros (or 80 euros total for 4 sessions).

The outcomes from this interactive course will be:

  • finding your best sitting posture for meditation (whether on cushion or chair)
  • finding balance and stillness in this posture while learning techniques to minimise discomfort
  • following and attending to the breath – developing concentration and awareness
  • gaining an introduction into insight (vipassana) meditation
  • learning walking meditation (at the parc du Fontainebleau)
  • how to work with thoughts, feelings and emotions mindfully (Level 2)
  • learning loving-kindness meditation (Level 2)
  • how to handle common problems typically encountered in your practice
  • tips and techniques of practically applying and INTEGRATING your meditation into your everyday life and work.

This course is appropriate for:

  • people who have little or no meditation experience but would like to learn
  • for those who are independently doing meditation through various phone apps but need some guidance on how to maintain their practice,
  • for seasoned meditators who do not have the time to do a long term retreat, who would like to deepen their practice and meet a network of meditators in the community.

About the teacher:

This workshop will be led by Ed Niembro. Ed is an accredited senior meditation teacher with International Meditation Teachers Association (IMTA) and accredited yoga teacher.

Ed has been practicing insight (vipassana) meditation for over 20 years. Ed has seven years of targeted experience of bringing mindfulness meditation and yoga into a corporate environment across Asia and Europe. Having worked as a Principal sustainability specialist on challenging and contentious large projects across the world, Ed now works with staff (both within corporate and community organisations) on how to integrate their meditation and yoga practice into their workplace to improve mental health and working relationships with colleagues and clients.

Additional information


Centre de Meditation & Yoga Fontainebleau – 54 Rue Aristide Briand Fontainebleau


Tuesdays (6, 13, 20 & 27 March)


9h to 10h


80€ (20€ per session)

Contact info or 07 50 82 04 79


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