Yoga for runners workshop

This workshop will actively get participants to be aware of the negative impacts of running on their body and mental health but learn how yoga can inform and guide your training and technique more effectively.

Running does not work the body evenly and can often compresses the spine. Issues like tight iliotibial band (ITB – the long, thin band of fascia that runs down the outside of your thigh), overused outer quadriceps and weak inner quadriceps are imbalances in the legs and can lead to knee problems. Many athletes have an imbalance in their bodies because of the targeted muscles that they work in their sport. Runners are typically tight in the hips and hamstrings and relatively weak in the core.

During the workshop, Ed will show through yoga how to minimise the negative impacts of a running practice by promoting mobility of the vertebrae and by lengthening tight hamstrings and psoas. By practicing regularly, you will begin to positively address the physical indicators that are often connected to lower back pain, sore knees and legs.

The workshop will also look at restorative postures to heal these overworked areas and mindfulness meditation as a proven technique to train and concentrate the mind in awareness in your running activity to minimise (chronic) injuries and mental fatigue.

Workshop will includes notes and yoga programme for participants.

Date for this popular workshop has been arranged for the weekend. However, if you are interested in this workshop during a weeknight, please notify Ed and perhaps a date can be quickly arranged.

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10h45 to 12h45 (2 hours)



Contact info or 07 50 82 04 79


24 March 2018


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